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Backflow is when wastewater comes up into your potable water system. When backflow occurs, it’s usually not your fault. Backflow occurs when there’s a sudden shift in pressure on either the freshwater or wastewater side. It can occur when the freshwater side loses pressure, like when the fire department opens a fire hydrant or if a lot of pipes break in the utility’s pipeline system. Backflow can also occur when the pressure on the wastewater side increases, like when there’s a problem in the municipal sewer system.

A backflow prevention device ensures that sewage can only flow one way through the plumbing system: out. If either the freshwater or waste water side experiences a change in pressure, the device closes a valve. A backflow prevention device can be part of residential and commercial plumbing systems. Some types of businesses are required to have backflow prevention devices.

If you have a backflow prevention device, it should be tested annually. 

Freedom Plumbing and Drain can install and test backflow prevention devices.




Happy Customsers

Matt was incredibly personal and helpful throughout the entire process. He fixed the issue, kept true to his word on price and kept us in the loop throughout the project! Sometimes “plumber talk” can be over your head and he was patient and educated us on the issue and the repairs so we felt comfortable with the investment! All around incredible and will continue to use him in the future!

Courtney Cogan

Matt was very knowledgeable, courteous, respectful of property, and thorough. I really appreciated his patience and understanding when there was a need to explain services required & reason for said repairs. He addressed all of our questions and offered some we hadn't thought of yet. I WILL be recommending Matt and his team to my family and friends.

Caitlin Ferguson

Matt made it to my home when it was my turn in his long list of clients during this past Texas freeze. His main concern was making sure I finally had water to my house after 5 days. He capped off the broken line so that I could have water again, a second leak was found and he repaired that also and turn on the water. Thank you again Matt.

Henri Valdivia

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